Reclaim your hormonal health

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Struggling with period problems or pelvic pain?

Then you're in the right place, my friend.

Hi! I'm Robin. I help women address the root causes behind their hormonal issues so that they can finally feel in control of their health.

Are you struggling with PMS, painful periods, or pelvic pain? Maybe your period is totally unpredictable and irregular? Or perhaps you’ve stopped taking birth control pills but your cycle hasn’t returned?

If any of those sound familiar, I’m here for you. I firmly believe you have the power to improve your hormones and your health naturally. In fact, it’s something I help women do every day.

What is functional nutrition?

Functional nutrition tackles symptoms and diseases using the principles of functional medicine—an integrative  model of care that recognizes the biochemical individuality of each patient and aims to restore optimal function in the body by addressing the root causes of health conditions. In functional nutrition, the practitioner and the client work together as partners to support the body’s capacity to heal itself. Learn more about my approach to nutrition here.

How it works

I provide one-on-one nutrition counseling to clients in New York City and beyond. My nutrition practice is primarily online, and I conduct the majority of my consultations over video chat. All you'll need to get started is a computer, tablet, or smartphone and access to the internet. And if you're located in NYC, in-person sessions can also be arranged.

What clients have to say


"I am so lucky to have such an incredible nutritionist and health coach. Robin helped me regain my menstrual cycle after dealing with a year of amenorrhea post-pill. My husband and I would love to start a family and without her help this would seem almost impossible. If you are an athlete who's dealing with similar issues, Robin’s knowledge, guidance, and support will help your body come back to balance. She is the best!"

—Colleen M., Austin, TX


"Robin is a delightful, well-educated blessing. I came to her because I was having a lot of pain and digestive issues that I wanted resolved naturally. After working with Robin for a few months, I feel like my GI issues have finally been resolved, and in the process she helped me find healthy snacks, amazing recipes, and really effective supplements. 

Thanks to Robin,
I now have a better grasp of how my body works and how to properly care for it, as well as various natural digestive remedies up my sleeve for when I need them. She’s been a tremendous help and has changed the way I eat and how I feel in such a great way."

—Jane P., Charleston, SC


"Robin has a great, holistic approach to nutrition. She really takes the time to understand your specific issues and works closely with you, and listens to you, to help figure out solutions that will work for you.

I felt like I was trying to eat healthy (I'm a food writer and cook), but often found myself confused by the different things I read, and nothing seemed to be having the effect I was looking for. I constantly felt distracted, hungry, and bloated, and I really wanted talk to someone who could sort through all the competing dietary information out there and help me think more objectively about how I eat and cook.

Robin's analysis of my food habits (through my food diary) helped me to see how what I thought I was eating was different from what I was ACTUALLY eating.

After working with Robin, I feel healthier and stronger, and I’ve lost weight. My energy levels are much more stable and I hardly ever have cravings for junk food, something I really struggled with in the past."

—Rohan K., New York, NY


"I sought Robin’s help because I’d been having increased arthritis pain and was hoping to get some relief. After working with her, I’m much more mindful of what I eat. I gained a much better understanding of how gluten was affecting my body, and on a gluten-free diet, I experienced less stiffness, some decrease in pain, and even some weight loss—an added bonus!
Robin was very easy to work with, very relaxed, respectful, and knowledgeable. If she didn't know an answer to any of my medical questions, she had no qualms about researching to get the answer for me."

—Barbara S., Warrington, PA


"It's been amazing working with Robin. She’s able to clearly and concisely provide guidance on what might be ailing you, and she listens carefully to your issues and gives you gentle feedback and suggestions.

By making changes to my diet, I learned a lot about what foods my system can and can’t tolerate, and how to smooth out my blood sugar spikes and dips. Now I'm able to make more informed, healthier choices about my food. My digestion has improved, I’ve got more energy, and I’ve lost weight without even trying to.

If you feel like you may be sensitive to certain foods, if your energy levels aren’t stable, or if you just want to feel generally healthier, I recommend seeing Robin."

Mike J., New York, NY


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