My services

I provide one-on-one nutrition counseling to clients in New York City and beyond. My nutrition practice is primarily online, which means that I conduct most of my consultations over video chat.

Don’t worry—there’s nothing too technical involved on your end! You’ll just need a computer, tablet, or smartphone; access to the internet; and a quiet, private space that’s free of distractions. If necessary, I can also provide consultations over the phone, and for clients in or near New York City, in-person sessions can also be arranged for an additional fee.

1. Free discovery call

First, book your free 20-minute discovery call. This call is a chance for us to get to know each other a little and to get a sense of whether my services are a good fit for your needs. You can ask me any questions and we'll chat about your health concerns, how the nutrition counseling process works, and which of my packages makes the most sense given your goals. (No nutritional recommendations are given during discovery calls.)

2. Your first session

Our first appointment is a 90-minute initial intake session. We’ll discuss where you are now, where you hope to be in the future, and how I can best support you during our time working together. I’ll conduct a thorough case review and health history, and I’ll share the findings of my nutritional assessment along with some recommendations. Together we’ll agree on your first action steps as well as our big-picture plan for achieving your goals. After our initial session, you'll receive your first personalized protocol so that you can get started right away.

3. Follow-ups

At each follow-up appointment, we’ll review your progress and talk about next steps. I'll address any of your questions or concerns, make further recommendations, and revise your personalized protocol accordingly. If we’ve ordered any lab tests, we’ll review the results together so that you understand exactly what they mean. Throughout our time working together, you’ll receive various resources like handouts, recipes, food lists, practitioner referrals, and more.


I work best with clients in packaged sessions because this structure allows us to strategically and effectively build upon the work we’ve done in prior sessions. It’s important to understand that nutrition counseling is a dynamic process that takes time, not a one-and-done deal, and I often work with clients over the course of several months, sometimes even longer. After you’ve used your first package, you can sign up for an individual session or packaged follow-up sessions as needed. For new clients, I currently offer the two packages below, my Jumpstart Package and my Deep Dive Package.

Jumpstart Package

[3 months]

Ready to lay the foundations for healthier habits and jumpstart some positive changes? This package includes what you’ll need to get started: your initial intake session and 3 follow-up consultations that are 30 minutes each. You'll receive a personalized protocol with action steps that I'll update after each of our follow-ups. I typically meet with clients every 2-4 weeks for the duration of their package, so this package covers working together for 2-3 months.

  • Initial intake session (90 minutes)

  • 3 follow-up appointments (30 minutes each)

  • Your personal protocol in PDF form, updated on an ongoing basis

  • Handouts, recipes, and other materials for additional support

  • 20% discount on supplements

Your Investment: $275/month for 4 months OR a one-time payment of $997 (save $100)

Deep Dive Package

[6 months]

This package allows ample time for us to track your progress and make adjustments as we go. It includes your initial intake session and 5 follow-up sessions that are a full hour each OR 10 follow-up sessions that are 30 minutes each (during our first appointment, we’ll discuss which option makes the most sense for you). More time working together means we can make more progress and take an in-depth approach to your health concerns. I recommend this package if you have a chronic health condition, fertility concerns, amenorrhea, or an interest in ordering functional lab testing. It’s also best suited for those who prefer a greater level of support and accountability over a period of 6 months or so.

  • Initial intake session (90 minutes)

  • Follow-up appointments - choose between the following options, or mix and match:

    • 5 follow-up appointments every 4 weeks (60 minutes each)


    • 10 follow-up appointments every 2 weeks (30 minutes each)

  • 1 free 30-minute bonus call for questions, additional support, or reviewing lab test results

  • Complimentary review of any existing labs or blood work you’ve had done within the past year

  • Your personal protocol in PDF form, updated on an ongoing basis

  • Handouts, recipes, and other materials for additional support

  • 20% discount on supplements

Your Investment: $250/month for 7 months OR a one-time payment of $1,597 (save $150)


Have questions about whether functional nutrition counseling is right you? Check out my FAQ page or shoot me an email.


It’s important to note that as a functional nutritionist and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I don’t diagnose or treat disease or take the place of your physician. I'm here to be a supportive member of your healthcare team and to offer guidance and recommendations within my scope of practice. Find my full disclaimer here.