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About Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition is also known as functional medicine nutrition. It's an offshoot of functional medicine, and it’s informed by the same principles. Functional nutrition:

  • Recognizes the interconnectedness of all systems in the body

  • Seeks to restore optimal health and function

  • Addresses the underlying causes of illness instead of only the symptoms

  • Embraces the importance of bio-individuality and personalized nutrition

  • Emphasizes a therapeutic partnership between the client and practitioner

  • Is evidence-based

In clinical terms, utilizing a functional approach means being a health detective. It means constantly asking why something might be happening in the body, and slowly but surely peeling back multiple, onion-like layers to get at the root causes of symptoms or diseases.

For example, say you're having irregular periods. When viewed through a functional lens, we see it as the body’s way of communicating that something isn’t right and needs help. Instead of artificially "regulating" your cycle with birth control pills, taking a functional approach means asking why your period is irregular in the first place—which could be for any number of reasons—and then identifying and addressing the issues that are causing it.

Functional practitioners are always looking at the big picture, not just specific symptoms. We take into account the entire individual and their unique circumstances, background, and biochemistry in order to piece together a larger context that determines our plan of action. The result is that two people with the exact same symptoms or diagnosis could require two very different nutrition plans. 

That’s what a bio-individual approach really comes down to, and that’s why the functional nutrition counseling process takes time to unfold—because we’re not trying to cover up a symptom; we’re working together to figure out how to give your body what it needs to heal naturally, from the inside out.

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