Q: Who is functional nutrition counseling for?

 I find I’m able to deliver the best results if the following applies to you, regardless of your current health status:

  • You’re ready for change
  • You understand the value that comes with truly investing in your health
  • You’re looking to improve your health naturally
  • You're willing to make changes to your diet and lifestyle to achieve your goals
  • You’re able to prepare some of your own meals
  • You’ve got an open mind and positive attitude

Q: Who isn't functional nutrition counseling for?

Frankly, my services aren’t a good fit for people who are:

  • Looking for a quick fix
  • Wanting a pill or supplement to resolve all their symptoms
  • Not open to trying new things
  • Unwilling to invest time and effort into improving their health

Q: Hey, I live in New York City too! Can we have our sessions in-person instead of online?

Sure! Many of my clients with busy schedules love the ease and convenience of online sessions, but for my fellow New Yorkers who prefer to connect face to face, I also offer in-person sessions for an additional fee.  

Q: Will I still be able to eat delicious food?

Absolutely! Healthy food shouldn't taste like cardboardif it does, you're probably doing it wrong and we should talk. My approach isn't about deprivation; instead, I'm all about adding delicious, wholesome foods to your diet that will nourish and sustain you. 

Q: Do you take insurance?

I’m unable to accept insurance. Functional nutrition is not yet a part of our mainstream healthcare system and for that reason, I know it can seem like a large out-of-pocket expense, but I've seen firsthand time and time again that it's an investment that truly pays off. Consider how valuable feeling your best is, and how costly poor health can be over a lifetime.

Q: Do you offer payment plans for your packages?

Monthly payment plans can be arranged on a case-by-case basis. If you're interested in a payment plan, just email me and let me know.

Q: Do you provide meal plans?

No. I consider them a separate service from nutrition counseling. Creating custom meal plans by hand is really time-consuming, which means it's a service that can get pricey fast. That said, if you're interested in meal plans, just let me know! I have lots of great resources for you, including my favorite online meal planning service, Real Plans, which is easy-to-use, reasonably priced, and totally customizable. As a special bonus, my All-In package includes a 6-month subscription to Real Plans.

Q: Will I need to count calories?

Almost certainly not! That’s because counting calories tends to emphasize the quantity of food you’re eating, and I believe it’s far more useful to focus on the quality and nutrient density of your food instead. There may be some instances where we find it helpful to track your food intake, but as a general rule, I don’t encourage calorie counting.

Q: Will I need to take supplements?

That’s up to you. I often suggest specific professional-grade, high quality supplements in order to help my clients get the best results possible, especially in cases where we’ve identified areas of deficiency. However, I believe it’s best to get your nutrients from whole food whenever possible. In my practice, our primary tool will always be food, and any supplements will remain just that—supplemental.

Keep in mind that many supplements are meant to be used therapeutically for short periods only, and often it isn’t necessary to take a supplement forever. Any supplement recommendations are made with the sole intention of helping you optimize your health. I don’t require that you purchase supplements through me, although I offer it as an option for both convenience and quality assurance.

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